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Lotsa Gardening In Wisconsin

Only in small towns can you get to enjoy the forest and lots of green in your front and backyard! The above is the view from my aunt’s friend’s front yard. We were there to help flower her plants as she and her husband were away on vacation. Inside her house, she has a wall...


Greetings From Chicago!

It’s my first time in Chicago and the main reason why I decided to go there was because I thought that it’s airport is the best to reach my aunt’s place in Wisconsin. However, I didn’t mind it because the last time I’ve ever been around Chicago was merely the airport. Once again, I booked...


The Day I Walked The Length Of Central Park

Yesterday was about catching up with friends but today was all about sightseeing and shopping! It was a nice cheerful and sunny Friday morning where Joanne and I decided that since our Airbnb apartment is next to the Museum Mile, we might as well walk the whole stretch and take in all the sights! Helped...


Greetings from New York City!

That’s us fresh after a shower because 24 hours of flying does make you want to jump into the shower first. As there are 3 of us, we rented a 2-bedroom apartment via Airbnb and it’s really nothing much so no point taking photos of it. However, it’s located on the Upper West side (although...