Souvenirs From Japan!

My bro just came back from Japan and I got souvenirs....yay!I love love love the dist bunnies and dust balls from the anime 'My Neighbour Totoro' so I asked my bro to get me one. Yay! I FINALLY have one...alalalalala.Now...for the really ( -_-;) souvenir. My bro decided to buy me this novel which, ironically,

Music Matters Live 2013 in Singapore

Went to watch Music Matters Live 2013 at Clarke Quay mainly for Flumpool and Weaver (reached at 7.30pm and it was already crowded!) but managed to discover Dubfx who is an Aussie beat boxer who is really really good!!He performed everything live by recording and looping beats.  I was blown away at how he can

Last Day in Osaka (aka. Day 4)

Alas, every holiday has to come to an end and it is the same with ours.  With slightly heavy hearts, we made it a point to make the most of today and do whatever we can in a day!First off, we headed to Janjan yokocho which is so-called because the 'Janjan' sounds like the sound

In Osaka (Day 3 – Part 2)

Our kuidore (eat until you drop) adventure continued...after Kuromon market, we headed off to the famous Doutonbori Street and at the traffic light, we spotted the big crab!!The streets are quiet because it's only 2pm in the afternoonDragon ramenThere's a cow hanging overhead!!FUGU!!We spotted a mini Glico man in the middle of the street, in

In Osaka (Day 3 – Part 1)

After loads of walking on Day 1 in Osaka and Day 2 in Kyoto, both Siew Mai and my feet were swollen and hurting.  Nonetheless, we braved the streets and walked some more because, good food MUST be eaten!The feasting began in the hotel, where we bought instant noodles from the nearby 7-11. How amazing

In Kyoto (Day 2 – Part 2)

Here we are at the grounds of Kiyomizu-dera. Complete with begging monk. Kiyomizu-dera is a Buddhist temple dedicated to Buddha and the Goddess of Mercy.  It is one of the oldest temples in Japan, built in AD798 but what is more amazing is that not a single nail was used to build it.View from the

In Kyoto (Day 2 – Part 1)

On our 2nd day of our Spring holiday, we went to Kyoto for a 1-Day sightseeing as well as to meet up with a friend whom I haven't seen in over 2 years!  Kyoto is definitely not a 1-Day touring city.  You'll need at least 2 days and a good pair of walking boots.  I

In Osaka (Day 1 – Part 2)

For dinner, we walked back to the park with the cherry blossoms as our concierge highly recommended us to view the sakura in both day and night light.View of the river bank with all the food stallsView of Osaka Castle from the bridgeNight food fest - ON!My crepe on a chopstick with cheese - tasted

In Osaka (Day 1 – Part 1)

Went to Osaka and Kyoto with Siew Mai for a well deserved break, plus I've always wanted to visit Japan in Spring!On the 1st actual day of touring, we asked the hotel's concierge for a recommended tour route and he was soooo hilarious.  After 30 mins of talking to us, he realised that he was

Japanese Studies

For those who are learning Japanese or would like to learn Japanese but find the language schools too expensive (I feel you..), check out this website! iknow It's really comprehensive and it really helps you remember vocabulary and while you're reading the new vocabs, you can observe the grammar usage of words. 昨日、テンプスタッフのコンサルトントにあった。彼女のアドバイスは日本語をもともと勉強しる。私もうそうしたいけど、私にとって、日本語はとても難しいだよ。。。そして、いろいろなスクールの授業料は高い。今、お金がないから、上に紹介のサイトを利用している。 For those