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Korean Restaurant – Kim’s family

I think I should become a food blogger.  Haha…just kidding.  I can’t stick to one topic on my blog.  Anyway, my mum and I went to this Korean restaurant recommended by my uncle – Kim’s Family Korean restaurant. Look at the number of appetizers!! These come FREE with ANY mains.  I’m serious. My mum had...


Asia Song Festival 2009

OH MY GOODNESS… I WANT TO GO!!!!! Dammit…why didn’t I find out about this HUGE event till a minute ago!! Arghs…and it’s in September!! Dammmmmmmmmit.


Dog Howling & Travel Plans

My dog has been howling in the evenings. Any idea? Most websites often say that its because dogs hear higher ranges of frequencies of sounds or that they’re communicating. I wonder whether my dog is trying to communicate to whoever’s not at home (today, its my dad). Some friends of mine are trying to plan...