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Wild Wet Fun at Sentosa Adventure Cove

Do you like the sun and water? If you’re in Singapore, one of the places you’d naturally think of would be Sentosa! Besides the usual beaches or even the SEA aquarium, you can have a fun time either with friends or family at the waterpark called Adventure Cove! Adventure Cove waterpark is the first in Singapore to feature a magnetic suspension…

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USS Halloween Horror Promotion!

Great news for you my dear readers! I’ve managed to scout a deal for this annual affair at Universal Studios Singapore – their Halloween Horror Nights. If you’ve been following my blog, you would’ve known by now that I’ve been going to the USS Halloween almost every year and I’m always very impressed at how their haunted houses just keep…

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Launch of Starker Volt For Local Musicians

Was invited down to the launch of “Starker Volt” which is an initiative started by Starker Music to promote local musicians and talents. Every Monday, it is where local musicians take the stage and showcase their talents and perhaps get spotted by producers! The evening was opened by local celebrity, Edmund Chen, who is the spokesperson for Starker Volt. The…

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How Does a $800 Facial Feel Like?

If you’re wondering how can a facial cost $800, you’re not alone. Another thought that probably popped into your head was, “What’s inside? Gold? Caviar? Diamond?” Well…you’re not too far off. Perhaps you’re also imagining some fancy schmancy science stuff or tools that are involved. HAACH has recently launched its latest luxe professional facial – the Diamond Age-Defying Marine Miracle (90…

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What I Love About Home, Singapore

As Singapore celebrates its Golden Jubilee, I find it an opportune time to just wax lyrical about why I love my country, quirks and all, as my way of wishing my home a Happy 50th Birthday. Moreover, I think there are too many Singaporeans who complain about Singapore but there are in fact, a lot of things to be glad…

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