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Fitness Journey – Day 11 (Sick day)

Ugh…I hate falling sick. Not so much because you’re bound to bed but more so because my brain turns foggy and no longer processes things as quickly or efficiently. Tired. Damn this bug! Caught it from both my father and my helper for sure and I’ve been having a mild fever since last night, which gets slightly lower whenever I…

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Jonsson Protein – Sometimes, Persistence Is Not Key (No Hard Sell For Me)

It’s the 3rd or 4th time that I’ve received a call from Jonsson to redeem a free trial hair care session and the ‘excuse’ this time round was SG50. See…I told you that more people were jumping onto the SG50 bandwagon. Pardon the horrible photo above. Don’t know why it didn’t turn up as landscape. Anyway, I finally caved in…

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