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My eyes are almost going to shut…I’ve been bumming around these 3 days! My parents are overseas…that’s already a cause for celebration. Yes…so mean…but I really prefer not having my parents around. No nagging, no stupid questions (e.g. No school today?–> almost ALL my lessons are in the afternoon), no whistling, no complaints, no asking me to quieten down my music, no need to sneakily watch my anime…the list goes on.

I’m a latch key child. I’m so used to coming home from school to an empty house since I was younger. I enjoy my solitude and the peacefulness of silence in the home. I’m so used to being able to do whatever I want at whatever time and eat alone that I don’t like eating with Dad. Having a meal with Dad? The perk is that I don’t have to pay for the meal. Con? Silence n Dad asking me the same old questionsm, which I’ve told him the same answer a million times, OR him telling me his business philosophy or how optimistic he is about his business. Sheesh. Although he’s a salesperson, I really wonder why he’s not having some sound marketing strategy? Not only that, he’s so hypocritical in the sense that he doesn’t practice what he preaches. And he expects everyone to fall in line with his philo. What nonsense. AND I’m sure that he doesn’t know that I know about him taking $ from Mum.

If I were him, I wld do some part time home thingy on the side….instead of relying on his sole business, which is obviously not raking in any moolah. What else can I say? I feel guilty for making him pay for Baileys’ food but then I went on retail therapy after my break up and literally made my bank acct relatively expensive. My ex said that having a relationship is expensive…I think ending one is more dear…ahahaha.

Wow….I never expected to write such a long entry. ごめん!

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