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Yesterday was All Souls’ Day…let us take a moment to pray for those souls who have no one to pray over. May they all rest in peace……..just like my HARDDISK!!!!! Yes, my HD has died. It died quickly, it was healthy one minute and then just crashed on me. I have 3 essays due this week and my HD decided to die this week. Great. Perfect. THANK GOD that I sent sing one of my essays..if not I’ll have to recreate that one…which is impossible considering that it’s a 4000 word essay. For the other 2, I had no other choice but to rewrite them.

My prof is an ass. My essay partner sent him an email asking for an extension for the dateline because my comp crashed. His reply was that I should attach a receipt or something like that to show him that my comp really crashed. My HD is still under warranty…what receipt?? Besides that, isn’t he being a little suspicious and demanding???? Sheesh…we’re not such desperate liars. It’s not as if I said that my dog ate my homework…although that may be a valid reason now…however we can still reprint if Baileys decides that paper is yum.

*SIGH* I racked my brains for that essay…now I’m racking my brains for another essays. Aren’t there any interesting essay questions this sem??? NO? WHY???? Ah well…I just want my comp back. I don’t like using my bro’s comp. I’m spoilt by my fast comp as well as my kick ass sound system. Ahahaha….lalalalala….

Side Note: Monday was All Saints’ Day as well as Baileys’ 1st Birthday! My pooch is born on All Saints’ Day!! This really reinforces the feeling that he was born for me. He’s my gift not only from my earthly parents but also from above. Thank god for him…he’s my comforter, source of joy and tears (not to mention poo & pee). It is no coincidence that he’s born on All Saints’ Day and I broke up on the 5 Nov. See….Baileys was meant to be mine….MINE…lalal….ok…essays are stressful. I want my A’s. Ganbarimasu! (no J-characters available on my bro’s comp. Have to make do with romanji)

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