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Woot…yesterday was my first paper. 1 down, 3 more to go. I’ve got a paper this saturday (irritating to have a paper on a weekend) and immediately after my paper, I’ve got to rush down to Chijmes ‘cos the girls and I have a booth there. Crazy to have a bazaar in the midst of my exams, ya? Well, in some sense yes but I would make the same decision because it is crucial that we build our customer base. Too bad our website won’t be up then…although I wish that Kewei is able to rush it by then.

As mentioned earlier, we’ve finally bought the website addy and the webhosting is supposed to be good. The website addy is www.mystiquegifts.net …the .com one has been taken up already and I’ve been to that website and it looks rather drab. Thanks Kewei for the spanking website design. Can’t wait for it to be up! I’ve come up with our business card design and I’m hoping that we can bring it to the printers tomorrow. =)

*sigh* I hate to be at home for long periods of time ‘cos I’m treated like a maid. Mop the floor, fold the clothes, wash the clothes, bring down the curtains to wash, wash the toilets, clean the tables…what’s next? Ah well….

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