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I just read Siew Mai’s blog. She has watched the latest episode of Samurai 7. I can’t d/l it cos my bro’s comp doesn’t have bit torrent and too little HD space for more of my progs. *sigh* I miss my comp even more right now. I’m probably going to be so desperate that I’m going to ask Clement to describe the HD to me so that I can yank it out myself and go exchange it myself. Heartbreaking…I’m thinking of the tons of anime and pics stored inside. Thank goodness I had the sense of mind to save all my digi photos in a website. But then…*sigh* I’ll have to reorg everything.

I realised that I’m probably impt to only a small handful of people: my family, my “sisters” Sing & Moon, Kewei and my dog (who’s sniffing under my bro’s bed thinking that there’s something yum yum there).

*sigh* I’m experiencing another bout of laziness. I can’t be bothered to go down to school tomorrow just to collect my project AND to print out any readings that I haven’t done so. I know….readings are essential…esp for my open book exams. Nonetheless, I say to my defence that open book exams are a test NOT for how much info one can churn out…but rather the RATIONALITY of it all. Agree?

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