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I finally took the time and trouble to find a nice blogskin. As you guys prob noe, I’m a ‘Lord of The Rings’ fan…hence my liking for this elven couple. However, I must add a disclaimer that I am in NO way in a relationship right now and I will NOT say such stuff to any future bf.

I wanted the horribly cute doggy skin…but Sing took that and I shall not copy hers. I must warn everyone that I’m a serial blogskin changer…until I settle for something that I really really love. I have yet to bother to find it. It takes a lot of time to find one and then copy, paste and customise. Yes…I am an HTML idiot. So I find it quite a feat that I was able to add stuff in at the right lines and to change fonts and colours to suit my taste. So…I’m pleased with myself *pats myself on the back* hee…=D

Oooh…news…’Deathnote 3′ is out! I bought it yesterday and finished it in a jiffy…good for reading in the loo if you’ve got loads to unload (hurhur…). Cute lead..*starry eyed*…new characters coming in to thicken the plot…*excited smile*

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