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I’m consistently amazed at the number of people who read my blog. I’m so thankful that my little blog has managed to make some ripples in the huge sea of society. I’m also very thankful to all the anonymous posts (from those who are really anonymous and not Sing who forgets to sign off). To the birthday gal of 11/11, I wish you all the best and even if your wish doesn’t come true, it is ok because some wishes are better not fulfilled.

I feel truly blessed although I have this feeling of discontentment of my life. I lack passion for things. I have no strong ambition. I’m doing things because I think I want the glory…to gain recognition and reassurance from the world that I’m special. I don’t feel or think I’m special (although I can psych myself to think otherwise). Despite all my pessimism about myself, I know deep down how lucky I am. I’m loved, I’ve got a roof over my head, I don’t have to worry about money or food, I’m intelligent and quite good looking (if you doubt it or are puking, -_- just keep your comments to yourself). So…one might be wondering why this sudden bout of meloncholy. No…I’m not feeling sad or depressed….it’s just a reflection of my life and what I’ve done for the past 21 yrs.

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