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Me being the anime freak that I am…I couldn’t take it anymore. I d/l bittorrent on my bro’s comp and started d/l the latest episodes of all the anime that I’m following. Gorobei-dono died in eps 16 of Samurai 7…this episode wasn’t very exciting. Kyuuzou was sooooo cool…but then this episode didn’t really do him justice. I hope he doesn’t die. I’ll cry.

I actually studied for a full 4.5 hours today. Unbelievable. I surprise myself. Hahaha….*sigh* more notes to print out and read. My eyesight is going, going, gooooing…….

Hmm…I’ve gotten strong responses from Kewei and Sing that I’m not only impt to a small group of people. My challenge is this: please list the number of people who REALLY REALLY place me as one of their most important persons in life. Kindly delete the names that I did mention too. When I mean family I mean the whole shebang…granny, aunts & uncles included.

Wahaha…I didn’t go for Alpha again *”* Well, I’m really going for Alpha because of Sing…since she’s being introduced to Christianity, I find that it’s a useful course for her. Alpha is like Christianity 1101E (or Christianity 101 to non-Singaporeans & non-NUS peeps). I must say that the topics covered are really interesting and I would be interested in them say….5 years ago? I’ve grown spiritually over the years and I find that Alpha has not helped my spiritual growth…yet(?) I’m now at another level. I’m not seeking God’s presence in my life (it’s already there), not doubting his love, no spiritual emptiness to fill, no basic theoretical knowledge to discover. I feel guilty that I don’t attend the course and Veronica flooding all our mailboxes with inspirational emails doesn’t help. What works for others may not necessarily work for me, right? I hate it when week after week, I feel as if I’m churning out “deep” thoughts and reflections when what I say are stuff that hit me years ago. I also get a sense that most people in my group don’t really know what they want out from this alpha course. The general answer is: a better understanding about Christianity. My question to them: does it really help that week after week, these people don’t ask questions to enable them to understand better? Nicky Gumble is good…but I’m sure there are nagging questions that one can ask if one doesn’t fully understand Christianity. Sharing sessions are so-called because everyone is supposed to participate and SHARE their thoughts or queries. Maybe it’s the environment, maybe it’s because all of them happen to be shy or MAYBE (and this thought horrifies me) these people have not gotten the message loud and clear. I apologise if I seem as if I’m ranting. I apologise even more for such a long entry. Perhaps I feel this way ‘cos I’m a born catholic and have been going to church every week for 21 years….ah well…

I need an MP3 player…I realise what a music junkie I am…I love my MP3 list…now it’s semi gone cos I have yet to replace my HD. Damn the exams…if not Clement would’ve done it for me already. He said that he would try (this being the keyword) to fit in some time to help me. Well…Clement, the wonderful planner that he is, did not. So my darling sound system has to take a backseat and collect dust until Dec. Boohoo.

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