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You wanna get boned

You wanna get stoned

You wanna room like no-one else

You wanna be rich

You wanna be kitsch

You wanna be the bastard of yourself

You wanna get burned

You wanna get turned

You wanna get fucked inside out

You wanna be ruled

You wanne be fooled

You wanna be a woman like a man

Those were the chorus for the song “Woman like a Man” by Damien Rice and I think it sums up what I feel sometimes. There have been moments where I want to be the total opposite of myself. I would think that it will be freeing. However, the rational me knows that this is impossible because I do know my responsibilities and any consequences that may occur. Ah well…just thoughts. That’s what fantasies are all about eh?

I think that I’m a weird and uncompassionate person. I don’t really have any emotions regarding the tsunami tragedy. I try. Honest. I can look at the pictures of all the destruction and not feel a thing. Give $ to charity? Ok…but then I’m broke. Give old clothes etc? Ok…but then Sing’s mum said that they have a notice saying that they don’t need any more clothes. Red Cross aims to raise 1 mil. I don’t mind supporting them in any way possible but it’s more of like an after thought or something of convenience or something that one ought to do for a fellow human being. Sing has the passion to do something though. There’s this honest fire to help the people there. Sometimes I wish she had the same passion when it comes to religion. Oops…hope she doesn’t kill/confront me when she reads this blog. Anyway…I’m odd. I am unsympathetic…yeah…that’s the right word to use. *sigh* Am I selfish too since I often go on a verbal rampage about all the things that happen to me?

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