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It’s Christmas Eve…and NUS decides to release our results today. Their present for us I presume. Well, I got a blardy C+ for play production and marketing! Can you believe it???? KNS. And the funny thing is that I got B+ for the other 2 JS modules…both of which I expected C’s. Life’s full of humour.

The high point of the results is that I got an A- for my independent study module. I’ll go and ask Dr Graham to be my supervisor next sem again. I was thinking of writing a paper on why there are androgynous characters in anime. Is it due to the Japanese fantasies or to sensationalise the anime? Think this is too broad a topic and will enter the field of sociology????? Feedback people…thanks.

Anyway, the good news is that my CAP is now 3.34… o.o4 pts higher. Bad news is that I’m still far away frm 3.5 . Perhaps I’m just not honours material. *sigh* it’s SOOO hard to maintain and increase CAP. I give myself one pat on the back. Damn it…I am going to get another stupid letter from USP. Damn it….this is the first time I’m getting so many C’s in one exam….what’s wrong with me? Was I too lax? *Guilty look* ok…so I was…but that doesn’t render a C+ for marketing or play production. Esp play production! I did so much shit! Calling up sponsors etc. I betcha what’s-his-name got an A. Blardy unfair. Damn…I’m sure all the actors got A too. This sucks. Ok…think positively…CAP increased, not decreased. CAP increased, not maintained. CAP can still be increased next sem. Ganbarimasu!!!!!!

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