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I remembered last night that Chow didn’t give us anything for christmas when Sing told me over that the phone that he did. So I text messaged Sing saying that she lied because Chow didn’t give us anything. Sing replied this morning that he did. His presents are the blue mugs he bought on behalf of our company. I got pissed off….the reasons are as follows:

1. He didn’t bother to tell me or moon about it.

2. I had to ask about it. Both Sing and Chow didn’t have the initiative (or courtesy) to tell me

3. Those mugs are for company. We’re seperate entities from the company. It’s not as if we needed something that we can’t afford and then he says, “I’ll chip in and that will be y’all present.” Again, it’s about the not informing us.

4. Sing is also involved in the company. So the “present” involves her as well.

5. He went to so much time and trouble to get presentS (yes, I have to emphasise the s) for Sing but he couldn’t be bothered to spare a thought for her two best friends? We’re not attachments but individuals. I couldn’t care less if he got us pencils. It’s the idea of not bothering to think of a suitable present that ticks me off.

I told moon about it. She was surprised that I had to ask them about it. Both of us were thinking that we should have gotten him a tin of biscuits instead. It’s deja vu for me. This happens everytime Sing gets a bf. She mirrors and echoes him. Yes, Sing, you do. Sing starts to laugh a little like him, mimics the sound he makes when he’s ‘hurt’, telling corny jokes…what else? And then the disgusting display of affection that they show to each other. There is a thin line between doing it to irritate others and when they are really unconsiously doing so. It’s bloody irritating most of the time lor! Go get a room! And then during gatherings, they traipse off somewhere. Sheesh…you’re in a gathering…bloody interact with other people besides between yourselves! Don’t you guys see enough of each other?????

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