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I’m broke…I’m so broke that I’m desperately looking for avenues to increase my income immediately. One often thinks: how is she able to spend so much so fast? Well…let’s see….I bought 2 printer ink catridges, that’s almost $80 in total. I spend more on food now cos food in uni costs more than in sec sch/jc. I’ve bought clothes without claiming from my parents. I’ve bought novels without asking for money. Photocopying notes in school is another $10. Spent another $12 on the module book. Baileys’ supplement is $30; and his toys and treats are another $15. Dad still owes me $20 for my medical bill, but I didn’t pester him about him cos I know that he too has cashflow problems. Then there are those Christmas and birthday presents that I bought for friends and family.

Now comes the irritated part. What’s wrong with sleeping late and waking up 9 hours later? Is it a sin to sleep past midnight??? DO parents have a manual that states that it’s wrong for children to sleep late and wake up late? Does it matter so much to them what time I wake up????

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