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I realised that I haven’t been blogging recently. ‘Cos it’s my hols and I don’t have much to complain? HAhaha…anyways, Christmas was fun…with my friends coming over for a potluck dinner. The unfortunate thing was Sing and Chow didn’t bring sushi like what they said they would. They brought salad instead. And Najib doesn’t eat veggies. Anyways, another thing that happened was the tsunami. The death toll reached more than 16 000 and caused the earth to wobble on its axis. Although I should be affected by the number of people dying, all I feel is that I’m lucky to be in Singapore. I also feel that with all the technology we have, humans are still no match for mother nature. Perhaps this is also god’s plan to control the world’s population! Sri Lanka is the nation that is the most badly hit…and poverty is aplenty there. Maybe it’s God’s plan to let them meet him earlier rather than struggle day by day in order to live. I don’t think their lives were taken prematurely. It’s not like war where humans kill each other. Humans killing one another can be avoided.

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