Fears, hope and irritation

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As you would have known…I’m sick. I’ve got the cold, cough and to add to my misery, my period came as well. So I’ve got cramps, blocked nose, runny nose and cough. Anyway, after dinner, we passed by this Chinese herbal shop and I got to drink this herbal mix (called “Three types of powder”) which is apparently very good for coughs and colds. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Not very bitter (thank God). When I went to bed last night, I suddenly felt very chilly although the weather wasn’t very cold last night. My finger tips and toes felt esp cold. But I think it was really a mind thing cos when I placed them against my body, it didn’t feel cold. And then all my joints from my knees to my toes were achingly sore. I started to have mini nightmares of arthritis (it didn’t help that it was going to rain) and lupus. I also thought that I should rush to the doctor’s in the morning. When I woke up this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my nose was no longer runny and it cleared up a bit. My cough isn’t that bad anymore (although there is more phelgm now). However, my right shoulder now aches…and my right arm feels as if I just had an injection. =(

Baileys peed in the living room this morning. This seems to occur only when Dad’s around these days….*sigh* Baileys bullies my dad. And my dad is too kind. He doesn’t discipline the dog sternly enough. In fact, my dad’s more fierce with us than with the dog. =P Favouritism.

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