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I was researching on some stuff for my ISM topic and I came across this website that suggested that androgynous/bishounen characters can be traced back to the samurai tradition! Hmm…seems like a rather large leap but reasonable one no doubt, when the author mentioned that it’s due to the samurai tradition of having homosexual relations with their young trainees. This love affair helps along with the idea of helping each other during war…something to do with loyalty too. Ahah! I think I may have found my ISM topic! It still deals with androgyny but it’s not so shallow as before! Yay! Just talking with my supervisor about my ISM made me realise why I’m not PhD material…hahah..who cares anyway…I’m so bored and sick of studying that I won’t even bother going for masters. Maybe I’ll do it like a few years later…but it’s not top of my priority list. I can’t imagine how uncle David managed to study in the Uni for 9 years straight and get his PhD….I’m so tired of Uni and I’m only at my 3rd year (going to be 4th in about 6 mths’ time tho). I’ve got greater respect for those with PhDs. Okies…off to refine my thesis and send it over to Dr Graham for approval.

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