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This is something that the girls and I came up with…to the horror of a male fren, Qiwei (a.k.a. Joseph). We decided that we want to teach our children (when we do have them) to appreciate and embrace what God has endowed us with…when it comes to sex. We need not use other words to call our privates…there’s nothing to be ashamed of…so here’s the list, with some more additions from me.

A – Ansell (Sing came up with this…it’s a name of an Aussie condom), Ass

B – Breasts, Bouncing, Blindfolds

C – Condoms, Chocolate, Cream, Climax, Clitoris

D – Doggie-Style, Dildo

E – Ejaculation

F – F*ck

G – G-spot, gyrations

H – Hump, Handcuffs

I – Intercourse

J – Jerk-off/ Jack off

K – Kinky, Karma Sutra

L – Lubricant

M – Masturbation

N – Necking

O – Orgasm, Oh My God!

P – Penis/Pinus, Petting, positions

Q – Quality, not Quantity

R – Raunchy, R(A)

S – Sex

T – Testicles

U – Uterus

V – Vagina, Virgin, Variations

W – Whips, Wet

X – X-rated

Y – yes…yeS..! yES!! YES!!! YES!!!!

Z – zzzzZZZZ………..

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