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Today was a day of sleep. Literally. I woke up briefly at 10 due to the amount of ‘noise’ my parents make whenever they are up and about. I promptly fell asleep again and didn’t wake up until 11:40. Pig. But I woke up in a very good mood. After which, we hurriedly left the house and went out for lunch. Came back, showered and I napped from 3 to 4:45. I had a reason for the nap ok….I had a horrible headache that stretched from my right side of my head to the shoulder. To add to that, I had a mini anxiety attack when I thought of all the readings that I need to do on a weekly basis and my ISM problem has yet to be resolved. Took a panadol and headed for church at 5. My internet connection decided to go wonky on me again and it didn’t connect properly…damn wireless…and I couldn’t read my mail or connect to msn. Oooh…my website’s almost totally up! So happy… =) My grey cloud is this: my ISM problem has still not been resolved. Doshite????

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