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I fear myself slipping into depression again. I see the familiar signs. Lethargy, aimless, not wanting to do stuff, lack of enthusiasm, easily irritated and wanting to be alone. I told Sing about this and she thinks I’m already in the first few stages of it…damn…I need happy juice. She suggested hot chocolate and exercise. I hate exercise even before I knew what the word meant. Bah. I still have this damn ISM to worry over. Graham said that it wasn’t original enough and the thesis will be weak. Damn it. I know it too…I just can’t think of something else to write about. The deadline for submission is monday. Should I just heck it and do 4 modules this sem and then ‘kill’ myself by taking 6 next sem? Goodness knows…I don’t feel like going to school either. *sigh* i wonder why I’m slipping back to this state of being. I don’t have any major problems in my life right now…but I didn’t have any when I was in Sec 4 either…hmm…*sigh* the unconcious mind is a weird thing. Another thing that will certainly get on my nerves is if someone asks me whether I’m alright. I know how Siew Mai feels now. Thanks for the concern but sometimes, I want to be left alone to sort out my mess minus any distraction.

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