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Hmmm….after talking to Geraldine today at the Catholic Welfare Centre, she got me to think what was in God’s mind to allow the tsunami incident to even occur. Is it a wake up call for indifferent people like me to sit up, take note, repent and revere Him? Or is it to tell the world that there is still a lot of love around humanity, as we saw from the action that has been taken so far from people all over the world. Who knows? Perhaps, it’s something for every single person in the world to reflect on. Differences – be it religious, gender or racial – do not matter when we see the common denominator. We’re all humans, we’re all loved, we all want love. All our sufferings are the same, the pain each of us feel is the same. Another message that God may be trying to say to us is: stop living in sin! The end of our lives may be over in just a blink of an eye! Let’s start living each day as if it’s the last.

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