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Today, Kewei’s mother said that I sound like a China Chinese. All those who know me very well right now must be laughing their toes off. Anyone who knows me knows that my Mandarin sucks. Well, I asked kewei about it and she said it’s because of my rather precise pronunication. Well, I’ve got to thank my Primary school chinese teacher. She grilled all of us to pronounce the words clearly and accurately. But then I’m not fluent in it…I can’t speak in Mandarin for more than 5 minutes…I often think in English first before in Chinese…unless it’s something that’s less easy to translate..as in it’s more towards Chinese culture. Hmm….am I explaining myself clearly? Ah well…that’s the gist of it. I don’t think I sound like a China Chinese although Kewei’s mum isn’t the first one to say that. Even taxi drivers comment that I don’t sound local. I’m Singaporean. I’m a born and bred Singaporean.

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