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A trip to the vets is WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY more expensive than visiting your neighbourhood GP. Today, Baileys’ bill came up to a grand total of $328!!! They actually charged me $28 for an ear swab and stain. I have no idea it would cost that much. Please, it wasn’t that difficult to put a cotton bud into my dog’s ear, give it a couple of turns, swab it onto a slide and stain it. What..I’m paying for that glass slide? And then another $62 for the blood test because dad decided that it was good to prevent Baileys against heartworm. True, we’re living in a tropical environment with lots of mossies….but then…*sigh* $62 to prick my Baileys and to drip his blood onto this plastic thingy? I expected the medicine to be quite a bit…especially when Baileys got his annual vaccination today too. Thank goodness I’ve already dewormed him last month…if not they might add another…what..$10? I feel so guilty about Dad spending $328 on Baileys’ medical bill that I think I’m going to pay for Baileys’ food this time.

Anyway, enough about the bill. Turns out that Baileys has a sprain, not too serious but best for him to remain at home for a week. He has an fungal ear infection too. Add to that, he has dandruff and a bit of a dermatitis. *sigh* If the vet told me that he had skin fungal infection I’ll be tempted to fumigate Baileys. Out out damn fungi! The vet also taught me the correct way to clean Baileys’ ears…and he told me not to use any solution. Damn. I’ve got 2 bottles of solution that are not finished. Ah well….once the medication for the fungal infection is off, I think I will continue using the ear wax removal solution ‘cos it makes his ears smell nice. =) Okies…hopefully that’s the end of Baileys’ health drama. For more news, stay tuned to this website. $328…gone…*sob*

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