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Today, Dad forgot that Baileys’ meals have to be split into 2 servings because of his medication and then he didn’t give Baileys any of his medicine because he didn’t know where I had left them. He could have asked right? And now, Baileys can’t be on a diet cos I’ve got to feed him again in the evening in order to give him the medicine. *sigh* To make my day a little less cheery, my printer has run out of black ink and I couldn’t print anything. The irritating thing is that I bought the ink catridge and I hardly printed any notes from my printer. Who used it the most? My dad…he uses my 3-in-1 printer as his photocopying machine. He has a fax machine!!! Use THAT as the photocopier! Otherwise…BUY the ink catridge for me. When I told dad that the printer has no more black ink, his reply was, “Buy lor.” It’s $40. He didn’t take the hint. He expects me to buy it on my own. Well, I wouldn’t mind if I was the sole user of the printer…the printer is in my room but I hardly used it. Dad suggested buying a compatible ink catridge. He obviously doesn’t remember the numerous times where I told him that we can’t because the printer is still under warranty and if we use the compatible, the warranty for the print head is void. *sigh*

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