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Yesterday was the record breaking HOTTEST day in Singapore in 15 years. 35.5 degrees centigrade. Atsui! It was so hot that there was a bush fire near my uni. Burnt down about 3 football fields full of shrubs and bushes. There were a record of more than 200 bush fires this year!

Today is the replacement for Ash Wednesday and today’s sermon was quite good. The priest said that Lent was a time to exercise spiritually. Lent is not a sad occassion but a joyful one. This is true…we now live in a time where we can get anything and everything almost at an instant. The media and credit card companies certainly pander to this idea. We often neglect our spiritual growth and forget about God in our lives. Lent is a time where we look forward to the glory of God during his ressurection. I hope that, with God’s help, I will find a passion and focus in life.

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