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Hello…this is my hormones talking. I need a man…preferably someone who looks and behaves like Kakashi from the anime ‘Naruto’. He is SOOOO shuai! Totemo handsome desune!! *big grin* Heeee….. =D Anyway, it’s Passion Sunday (aka. Palm Sunday) and it marks the beginning of Holy Week. That means one week before Easter Sunday. I know, I know, I should be thinking about what Christ did for us and how I should be repenting and praying. However, I couldn’t help but remember that exactly a year ago (on Easter night itself), Joel told me about seeing Kenric at New Creation Church.

I remember then feeling betrayed and sobbing like a fool. Yes, that was exactly what I was. A fool. I remember praying so hard for a conversion in his heart. My prayers were answered in the weirdest way. He went to New Creation Church. Sorry to those who go to New Creation…but I’m very sceptical about how their church funds are being utilised. New Creation Church is the only church I know that owns profitable property (Marina Cove), has a high tech security system on their ‘admin’ floors AND the place of worship is in a shopping centre. Go figure. Ok….I’m digressing.

Anyway, my point is that, looking back one year later I have seen how much I have grown. I’ve gone past the hurt, anger, sense of betrayal and I can safely say I have also gotten over some of my cynicism. My prof said something one day that struck a chord in me. Cynicism is often a sign where it means you don’t care anymore and live through something you dislike, day after day without bothering to take any action. I am still wary though. Duh…who likes their hearts to be broken right?

On Thursday, Kenric saw me at the chat point in the central library and he knocked on the door to get my attention. He waved hi/bye and had his usual grin on his face (kinda reminds me of Chow sometimes). His hair sucks. It looks like the teeth on a gear. I told him that. Hahaha…*sigh* I’ve always had an issue with his hair. Someone told me that he’s fat. I don’t think he’s fat…just that he has put on a little bit of weight. He’s not the sort who would end up looking like the marshmallow man…although sometimes I wish he would. evil…. 😉

Back to the starting remark that I made in this entry. I need a man. I miss having someone to rely on. Nonetheless, I do appreciate the perks of being single….so, I told God that I’m happy being the way I am and I’ll leave the time and place to him as to when I’ll meet Mr. Right. Cos only He knows when I’m truly ready, right?

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