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Today is Easter, marking the new church calendar…..and I’ve got a new hairstyle! Yep…I cut my hair on Saturday and I think this hairstyle makes me look like a rock chick. Even my bro agrees with me. I went to Sing’s hairdresser at Commonwealth Drive…her name’s Kelly, if I’m not mistaken. Well, I can’t say that the hairstyle suits me…kinda reminds me of the hairstyle Sing got when she went there for the first time. Hahaha…but at least I got what I asked for: A NEW HAIRSTYLE. Kelly cut my bro’s hair too…and (apologies) it wasn’t done very well. My bro’s hair looked messy…as if he decided to layer his hair by himself. The back of his head looks quite bad…the fringe isn’t too bad cos my bro can gel it up. My bro is sticking to Kenny…hahaha…

Today is also the day where Sing and I are starting to really really organise our first overseas trip w/o our parents..and for me, no parents’ subsidy. We’re most probably going to Langkawi…anybody been there before? Any tips? Our budget is a miserly RM300…but it’s going to be exceeded…I think. *sigh* budget…budget…any tips on how we can spend less?

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