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Baileys is sleeping in my bro’s room!!! Is this the beginning of something new? Am I no longer the ‘mummy’ of my dog??? And my bro’s delighted about having Baileys in his room sleeping!!!! *gasp*

Oh…a silly thing happened. My dad emailed some American company asking them for a catalogue and my dad would naturally give them our home address right? They think Singapore is in Malaysia. -_- People!! Singapore is NOT part of Malaysia! That was almost 40 years ago when we were once part of Malaysia. Singapore is a city, a state AND a COUNTRY all rolled into one. We’re small, we’re tiny and we’re independent. Think Monacco (pardon my spelling) without a monarchy. And neither are we part of China! Worse thing was, that company didn’t bother to write ‘USA’ on their return address. -_- Sheesh…from what my cousin Lucas is studying over there, I realised that the American education system is rather American-centred. I can’t say that Singapore’s education system isn’t Singaporean-centred either…just that we’re more exposed??? Or is it that because we’re so tiny that we’re more sensitive to larger countries all around the world. Ah well…that’s something only you guys can tell me…inform me…this is only MY perspective. But I’m kinda sick of hearing people say that Singapore’s part of China/Malaysia/Indonesia and they think that we’re not modernised. Please…even China, Malaysia and Indonesia are modernised despite being labelled as 3rd world countries. It’s true that certain parts of these countries have yet to be developed…but stop having this mental image that ALL 3rd world countries are like some backwater area.

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