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I can’t help but think that I’m a very selfish person. When I was writing my CV (resume to those who do not know what a CV is…CV stands for Curriculum Vitae btw), I realised that I’ve never done any volunteer work before. Sing has, my bro has…my volunteer experience was non-existent on my CV. And then I decided to volunteer to be a student mentor. Now, I’m questioning my intentions. Although I think it’ll be nice to be a mentor, I’ve put it off many years ago because I didn’t want to take a time out to go visit these kids in their schools. It’s 2 hrs a week. So…I know that I do want to do it…but I’m questioning my intentions after I’ve signed up for it.

When I received news about Kewei’s mother, I just didn’t really feel as worried or sympathetic as Sing. I dunno…am I just very cold? Of course it isn’t something that I can hahhaha about…but it’s something so easily swept away in my head. Perhaps being a mentor would help me get in touch with my sympathetic/empathetic side. But seriously, Kewei, I really do wish that your mother gets better because it’s for her sake as well as yours.

Another thing, I don’t like sharing. I don’t really know why I’m like that…but yah..there are certain things that I just don’t really like sharing…and it’s usually something that I think is very good. Selfish eh? *sigh* And whenever I think about me being a selfish person, I am reminded that Kenric said that I’m someone who does things for my own personal pleasure. I’m rephrasing…but it’s something along these lines. =( I got pissed at him for saying that…especially since he said that after we had broken up. Natural reaction was anger, followed by denial…and then introspection. Perhaps it has some truth…but from his context, I don’t think so…unless he can tell me reasons for his statement. I’m still examining myself…I’m trying to be less selfish…I hope…

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