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I don’t consider myself pretty…better than average but definitely not gorgeous. Thus, I don’t understand why some people on the JustDate website tell me that I’m chio or pretty. Thanks for the compliment but I simply don’t trust them….sounds like lies….lies to get my attention? I dream of the day when someone will tell me that they think that I’m a beautiful person on the inside. But I doubt that day would ever come because I don’t think I’m beautiful on the inside. I feel guilty for speaking rudely to my dad on a daily basis and he does not deserve it half the time. I feel bad that I’m so quick tempered and often lash out at people due to my impatience. I think I’m a very selfish person too…I am not sharing. But nonetheless, as the teachings go, we’re all God’s children. We’re essentially good. Saying and believing that we’re bad is saying that whatever comes from God is bad. But the devil came from God. *sigh* so confusing…I don’t want to think about such stuff….

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