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I have no words of wisdom, no funny anecdotes to tell people today. Today has been a relatively boring day. The main world event is the new pope. Pope Benedict XVI. That’s Benedict the 16th for you guys who don’t read roman numerals. Anyway, he’s so old…78 years old to be exact. I wonder how long more before he dies. He looks ugly. My bro’s reaction was “OH NO” when he got the news of Ratzinger’s appointment as pope. My bro doesn’t think that it’s the Holy Spirit that moved the cardinals to elect Ratzinger as the pope. Haha…well, in some ways, a lot of people aren’t happy because Ratzinger’s very conservative. Ah well…only time will tell what sort of pope he’ll be. I wonder whether I would live to see the day when there’s an Asian/Hispanic/African pope. That would be cool…and something that the world kinda needs… =)

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