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I just came home from David Tao’s mini concert at the Expo and he rocks! His singing is good as usual and he’s such a great live performer. I can’t say that I’m a true blue fan but I have a lot of respect for him…especially since he writes all his music and he is passionate about it. The only sad part about the whole thing was that the sound system sucked. Yes…the bass was too loud and it sounded as if there wasn’t any equaliser. Other than that….the concert was quite good…although I prefer his live band. His live band is FANTASTIC! He revealed that he’ll be having a concert at the end of the year! YAY….ok…must start saving up for that concert. Confirm bringing Sing along with me…I messaged Yeelin about it…but she’s probably somewhere in Tianjin now…hahaha. Ah well…DAVID TAO ROCKS! Ok…now I’m very tempted to buy his album. Perhaps I’ll go and buy it from China…it should be cheaper there. Yes, I’m NOT going to buy the pirated version.

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