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My harddisk came back today! Yay! Cos now I can have my comp all to myself…and it’s faster than my bro’s dinosaur. Anyway, I have no idea why I was so tired today…I fell asleep in church. *sheepish grin* hee…yes…I actually fell asleep while the priest went on during his homily. So bad…but today seemed to pass in a blur. My mum’s not in Singapore…she went to a kelong with her catholic neighbourhood group. Hope she brings back some fish. I bet you she’ll be covering her face/arms/legs with an umbrella or something..she doesn’t want to get any more tanned than she already is. Hahahaha…

I also realised that my mum’s fussiness about food came about from my granny. If something doesn’t taste good, they won’t eat it. *sigh* My grandma has no concept of healthy diet. She needs to cut out salt in her diet but she doesn’t realise that preserved foods and soya sauce has lots of it. Furthermore, a lack of salt MAY sometimes mean less taste. *shakes head* she would rather eat preserved veggies over eggs and fish. Ok…I shall not complain anymore.

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