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I’ll be leaving for Beijing on tues and I realised that I haven’t said much in my blog for the past week. Ah well…nothing really eventful has happened…except perhaps I attended NUS’ Arts Fac’s Focus Group. We undergrads feedbacked to the faculty about what we want to see FASS achieve or change once NUS turns autonomous. Ah well, it doesn’t really affect me since I’ll be graduating next year…but hopefully some changes would have been implemented before I leave.

A side note: I’m never going to hold my wedding at Rasa Sentosa. It’s Shangri-la BUT the beef was chewy and the knife wasn’t sharp enough. I had to saw the piece of meat and it was so embarassing to do so. The sauce was sweet (ugh) and there wasn’t any vegetables to accompany it. I heard from those at the table that the fish was too creamy and wasn’t very nice either. The hotel didn’t have decaf coffee and the music didn’t turn on until the very end of our meal. The music sucked…it was so ironic that they played “Send in the clowns” during dessert. I have to give their dessert chef an A for presentation…but it’s my personal opinion that mango ice-cream does NOT go well with hard chocolate. And it’s too rich to put orange and poppy seed (I didn’t see any poppy seed btw) cake with thick mango ice cream. The cake was like weak cheese cake. So imagine…most of us finished the ice cream but hardly touched the cake. Ah well…wasted.

I found out during dinner that one of my prof is a vegetarian. She was complaining that the amount of food was too much and that she’s going to grow fat from that meal. PUHLEEESE…she’s stick thin. She NEEDS to put on weight. I feel like telling her to eat some meat so that she’ll have some protein to make her hair less wiry. The rest on the table were joking that she should walk home or swim home. I’m not too surprised that she’s vegetarian…she’s probably one of those who turned vegetarian because she thinks it’s cruel to kill animals. Ah well…that’s her for you.

Anyway, it’s Sunday night and I haven’t packed my suitcase…I’m such a slacker…I’ll pack tomorrow…dunno which luggage to use.

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