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Ok…first thing that shocked me is the amount of food I got to eat this morning. It was not a lot…but I am used to eating almost nothing in the morning. I actually had HOME-MADE strawberry jam!!! Everything was placed nicely on separate dishes. Butter and jam and pears. If it were at my place, we wouldn’t care about presentation and just placed the whole lump of butter on the table. We wouldn’t bother about pears either cos we would just eat them whole….skin and all.

Anyway, after breakfast, we went shopping!! I need a new haversack because the present one that I have is starting to fall apart. Today was an incredibly hot day….hitting a high of 32 degrees C. Thank god for air-con! My host Okaasan paid for my lunch which was a delicious tenzaru soba (translation: tenpura and cold soba). One thing interesting about the meal is that they have something called soba soup. You pour in some soup at the end of your meal into the soy sauce and drink it. Mine was very salty because I didn’t eat a lot of my soy sauce with the soba. My diet is so low fat that I am not used to salty Japanese food.

Today also marks the day where my Otousan returned from China. He went to Dalian for some choral conference and presentation. He didn’t take any nice pictures and my Okaasan and I were laughing over how horrible the pictures were. Anyway, we had a lovely French dinner by the seaside. The evening was wonderful until I slipped on the stairs and ended up with a bruise on my calf as well as another bruise on my toe. *sigh* If I were to tell mum this, she’ll call me accident prone. Haha…anyway, I need to wake up early tomorrow due to ignorance of how to get to the train station. Btw, the train station looks rather ulu. Makes me wonder about the modernity of Japan….until you see the fast JR trains zoom by. Anyway, I’m really tired right now…I should pack up my things for tomorrow and then hit the sack. My Japanese sucks….I need help!!!!!

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