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Kuma-san. My nickname for him is Ah-xiong because the kuma=bear=xiong. He looks better in person. I never knew he was that tall. I know I am short. Shuddup. He knows Korean and will be going to Korea for a year’s study this coming Saturday. Ganbatte ne!

Ming acting like his usual slutty self. Taking advantage of me while I was tired…hahaha peer tutor…looking all pouty and all.

Yuyuan…most popular female ATW student among the Japanese male peer tutors.

Keru-chan! Ok…Kelvin…but Keru-chan is so cute a name to call him. Hahhaa…

Masayuki-san…Jesse’s peer tutor. I heard his name wrongly that night and have been calling him Wasabi ever since. I was NOT drunk. It was very noisy and he is ok with it. Wasabi is HOT ok…. =P

Jesse…notice our red faces? He turned this colour only after 2 drinks. He wasn’t drunk though.

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