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Hmm…I realised that I didn’t put an entry about my thoughts on Tokyo. Anyway, now that I’m in Fukuoka, I can reflect on the differences between these 2 cities. I can say that Tokyo has a certain energy that overwhelms you but yet makes you feel rather energised. Fukuoka on the other hand, feels a little sluggish and well….normal?? I must say that in these 2 cities, everyone looks manicured. Yes…the men take care of themselves better than I do…and I’ve got a beauty regime that includes high-end products. Japanese men vain?? Definitely…and they’re ready to admit it…unlike Singaporean VAIN men. Tokyo is rather polluted….where my snot was grey (not so bad compared to the black type that I got in Beijing)…not a place for the sinus-challenged people. Fukuoka city is also polluted..but it’s more dust than exhaust fumes. Many people cycle over here and we’ve got to dodge them on the pavement…they’ve got to dodge pedestrians too. Why can’t the people here just have seperate lanes for the bikes since there are so many of them???

Anyway, I have checked my email and nobody has ordered anything…hhhahaha…I wonder why? SGD17-18 is pretty alright for a pair of havaiana slippers (I know how to spell it now cos I was looking at my slippers). Ah well….I’m bored….my peer tutor has gone MIA….I’m having fun in my j lang classes…it’s really interesting and we laugh a lot. I think I’ve lost about half a kilo (woohoo)…but because it is so little, it’s not that noticeable….only my pants tell a different tale.

I’ve been going to the city centre (Tenjin) for the past 3 days and I should be going there again tomorrow to see what I can get for Sing…it’s her birthday in a few more days (PANIC)…should I mail it over??? I’m seriously thinking of doing so…esp since we just learnt how to ask for airmail in J Lang class. Ah well…let’s see what I can find. If it’s not too heavy, I’ll bring it along with me and poor Sing has to wait till Aug. Hmm….I wanna sleep…I always want to sleep…I’ve got a lappie in my room…but no internet…if not I’ll be there snoozing and leaving my comp on (as usual)…I MISS BAILEYS…and all you lovelies. =)

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