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Sing has ressurected her blog! Yay…that means I’ve got another person’s blog to read when I’m bored! YAY! Ladidadida….you can see that I’ve already linked her! She said that she likes her blogskin a lot…my reply was that it’s very forest-y….happy tree friends minus the violence. But then again…she does have violent tendencies (flashback of her biting my shoulders/arms and all those times when she slapped me on my arms).

Speaking of blogs, I’ve been thinking of having another blog so that I can post all my Chinese/Japanese entries there! Then I can link from this current blog to that whenever I do have a Chinese/Japanese entry. But then…it’ll be rather troublesome for you guys as well as for me. So…this idea shall sit in my pot of ideas for the time being.

I feel like moaning and groaning about weight…but I fear the consequences…so I shall shut up and end this entry here. =P

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