Cigarettes saved my clothes

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Last night, I went to Wala Wala with my bro and Kaiwei to listen to a live band perform. My bro was raving about them for the past week that I was home. So, the band was good. The 2nd set was really more rock than the first and according to my bro, the third set is so heavy rock that there is no melody. But we wouldn’t know that for certain last night since we left after the 2nd set (this was already 11:35 pm). Anyway, as most clubs/pubs are, the whole place reeks of cigarette smoke. After coming home, all our clothes and hair just stank of it.

And wouldn’t you know it, my grandma didn’t close the toilet door after using it in the middle of the night. Hence, my bro suspected that Baileys took my clothes down from the basket to chew! FORTUNATELY, my clothes stank of cigarette smoke…which Baileys detests…and my clothes were left unscathed. This is probably the only time I’ll say thank goodness for cigarette smoke.

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