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Before I went off to Fukuoka, I had been thinking what’s the use of mass the way it is. It is highly ritualistic and rather boring…especially if the priest doesn’t give a good homily. And I have been constantly asking God and telling him that I didn’t feel very compelled to go to church every week…only to fall asleep. I know that going to church is important. But I had lost that “fire” that I see in every new convert. Well, I got my answer during mass on Sunday. The priest started his homily by saying that mass is a time where we gather as a family and celebrate together. Ok…I get the idea.

Anyway, I went to karaoke with some Singaporeans who went for ATW as well. My singing has deproved. Haha…my mum asked me whether there is such a word…well, it’s the opposite of improve..ok? Anyway, it has been 2 or 3 years since I’ve been training my voice …plus sickness…I’ve really gone…returned all my training to my teachers. Sorry Mr Lau, Mr (oops…I forgot his name) and Dennis (although I can’t say that Dennis taught me much). Ah well…I really need to go and do my readings…clear my files and ORGANISE!!!!

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