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Ok…it’s a new semester and I can’t help but feel a little lonely despite knowing that there are a few other friends who are yr 4 as well. The classes are small, which I like, and I hope that there will be lively discussions where I don’t feel like an idiot. Haha. I am thinking of getting another part time job so that I can finance my Jpnese language classes. I am also thinking of crashing in on Eddie’s Jap3 lectures. In this way, I will not have the pressure of the tutorials but yet I’ll be learning and be on par with the rest of the level 3 people. This is going to be one helluva busy year. Lonely too I guess, especially with Sing and Kewei working, Moon busy with her FYP, Siew Mai leaving for Scotland…who else? Oh…I miss being able to tease my Japanese friends when I was in Fukuoka.

My family always calls me moody and I do know that I have my mood swings. I blame it on hormones. However, when a guy is moody ALL the time…and puts on a front before friends, I don’t know what to call it. I know you (the guy I’m describing) reads my blog. And I apologise before hand if I offend you. I realise that you’re undergoing something that not all of us can understand and empathise. You’re probably going through depression and disappointment. I applaud you for finally starting to pick up some pieces and moving on. Life is always full of disappointments and regrets…however, I would advise you not to blame on other things or people. It’s also more about how YOU react to certain stresses and situations. Like the U2 song…”Walk on!!!” We’re all your friends and I hope that one day, your mask will not be on and you can proudly show the world the full you.

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