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I think Japan is very noisy. Here in Fukuoka, there is 1 plane that flies over Kyushu Uni every 3 minutes. The stupid crickets chirp so loudly that they have the ability to wake me up…super enthu crickets. This even happens in Kyoto! Ryo-kun, as cute as he is, barks every morning at 6 something am because he wants his breakfast and his morning walk. The neighbour’s stupid rooster also crows every morning. The trains are not quiet either as they zoom past. My host’s house is near 2 train stations. The Nishitetsu train that I take is not very new and therefore not quiet on the inside either. In one of the shopping districts, Tenjin, different pedestrian crossings have different “music” or sounds for the blind. And then there are those “cool” and “hip” people who decide to take off their engine mufflers. These people also tend to like to rev their engines. Talk about noise pollution.

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