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I have committed semi blog abandonment. Haha…ah well, I am now back in Singapore and enjoying our cool weather. This beats Fukuoka’s hot summer anytime! Anyway, I just spoke to Yoshimi (Alli’s tutor) and she sorta implied that another tutor whom we both know has a crush on me. Well…not in those words but he told Yoshimi that he likes me the best among all the girls in ATW and he wished to hear me say that I like him (sorta the same way Yoshimi likes Williem…but this is another story all together). Oh wow…I am flattered on one hand but yet it makes a lot of sense as to why he told me what he told me that day during the fireworks display. Before you guys think on the slanted way…I must say that he is loyal to his girlfriend and he only told this to Yoshimi.

Anyway, school has begun and I will be attending lessons in about 14 hours’ time. Sucks. I am still in holiday mode. I have registered for another programme that would allow me to return to Kyushu in November. However, nothing is confirmed. I do hope that I get it. I want to know how Fukuoka looks like in autumn/winter. Ah well…I don’t miss Japan. I miss certain aspects. But I realise how much I have taken for granted here in Singapore. Singapore’s things aren’t really that expensive. And our transportation is really too convenient. We’re all lazy people because of it. Ah well…and I realise that 1 kg really makes a lot of difference to my overall body look. I need to lose weight. Baileys will be walked on longer routes from now on. Hahaha…thank goodness I have a dog. If not I don’t know how I will push myself to exercise. =P

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