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We went to the starlight cinema at Padang today…and it rained. rained. We had 3 umbrellas to the 6 of us and a ground sheet. Perfect. Drenched? No…but half of my butt got wet. Thank goodness the rain lightened up after a while and for the next hour of the film, it had stopped raining. We watched “Skeleton Key” and I had originally expected it to be a horror film (can’t blame me since the marketing was done so). It is not a horror flick…more like a psychological thriller with a touch of magic, or rather hoodoo in this case. I shan’t reveal any more. Good plot despite some predictable shocks. Some scenes were rather disgusting more than anything else. I think the servants are evil. Smart AND evil. Would I recommend you watching it in the movies? Well…yeah…just don’t expect yourself to be thoroughly spooked out by ghosts. I hate the ending though…I like happy endings! Give me happy endings so that I will stop thinking about the whole movie!

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