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See the picture of the sushi? There is a story behind it…as to why it has a smiley face on each of them plus extra fish roe as ‘hair’. Well, Moon and I met up for dinner on Monday and we went to Fiesta to eat. This trainee sushi chef kept smiling at us and looking at us. When Moon removed this fried maki-sushi thingy, he grabbed it away from her and put it back on the conveyor belt after which he ordered a fresh one from the kitchen. Since he’s the trainee sushi chef, he’s in charge of wrapping the fried thing onto the rice and add the roe and mayo. This is how it arrived. He was blatantly staring at us as we left to the cashier to pay! We were kinda surprised he didn’t ask for any of our telephone numbers. Haha…well, that certainly perked my mood…until Sing said (over the phone) that he was probably interested in Moon cos she stands a higher chance compared to me. Harumph. >.<

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