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Honda (a.k.a. Hiropon) and Raita hamming it up for the camera! Raita and his stupid poses…he’s pretending to be a shy teenager taking a picture. Btw, all these pictures were taken at my host family’s place and I cooked curry chicken and prata that night. It was a so-so evening because they were ALL speaking about lots of stuff in Japanese that I didn’t understand and couldn’t participate in. Amos and I felt rather surreal…as if we were watching a Japanese movie without the subtitles. But it was really good to see them guys again after so long. I have NO idea when the next time will be *nostalgic look*. Everyone misses ATW and said that it was too short. I do want to return (oh…I used the word return!) to Kyushu again…I want to see the famous 8 “hell” hotsprings in Beppu and just relax. I want to go to Kyoto again…I want to go to Hokkaido as well…ok…my dreams are rather expensive. I shall go and hit the books now…STUDY!

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