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Ok…my title is a parody of a line taken from Yeelin’s new FYP film. I’m so sorry darling…I couldn’t help myself. It was just too cheesy for me. Doesn’t help that I heard that line a zillion times today. Yep, I helped out in Yeelin’s film today by making a cameo appearance. In other words, be an extra. I didn’t have a line. My feet got filmed though. Haha…can’t wait to see a shot of my feet on TV Mobile. Hee. Anyway, today has been an experience. Never been an extra and get underpaid for work…but I’ll still do it cos Yeelin’s my dear cubey and I would’ve done for free if needed.

Met Viola and her boyfriend for dinner. It has been ages since I’ve last seen Viola. The last time I saw her was in Secondary 1. That would’ve been…9 years??!! Oh gosh. Good to see her as well as feed her boyfriend with Singaporean food. Haha. It’s great to see her happy and contented too. I felt really bad that her boyfriend paid for most of the food. I merely paid for the stingray. However, I didn’t bring enough cash AND my cheque didn’t get cleared (although I had banked it in yesterday BEFORE 5pm) today, so I couldn’t draw any money even though I tried. *sigh* well…it was a good meal..not only because the food was good but also the company.

Anyway, this entry is also about New Year resolutions. My resolutions are as follows:

1. Push my CAP up to 3.5 in order to graduate with a 2nd lower class hons. Please don’t make me aim higher cos this is my last sem and it has been hard for me to push my CAP up by 0.04 since last sem.

2. Get a job that pays at least $2 000 by July 2006.

3. Save up enough money to pay mum the remaining sum as well as for a nice vacation in HK to visit Viola and Kelvin.

4. Be more charitable.

5. Lose weight.

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