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Went to watch ‘SPL’ 刹陂狼 and firstly, the movie is definitely not for enriching intellectual minds. It’s a violent, gory movie without plot/storyline but lots of action. Good for those who don’t really like to think a lot. I must say that Donnie Yen is HOT in this movie. Oh my gosh…he’s so good looking and his bod is gorgeous. *drool* Donnie Yen is so帅! Ok…he’s enough reason to watch the movie.

Went to watch ‘Rent’ too. $150 tickets went for $50! Which was the price that I paid. I can’t decide whether I like the musical or not. Yes, the music is nice and it’s very energetic. However, I feel that the relationships could’ve been developed further. Moreover, I couldn’t hear a lot of what the actors were singing and this resulted in a lot of information being missed. As such, the musical wasn’t enjoyed to the fullest. They didn’t sell programmes or the album either! So weird. You would think that they would cash in on this opportunity to sell more stuff. I don’t think Ming xian enjoyed the musical though. It is rather confusing to someone who isn’t clued in on the Bohemian lifestyle plus couldn’t hear a damn word that they were singing. *sigh* but I don’t regret watching the musical. I would’ve regretted missing it and not knowing what it was all about. Btw, I still can’t stand Karen Mok. I think the producers used her to sell the musical to an Asian audience.

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